Changing the way…

To reuse paper towel, better absorption, more durable.
Safe the earth & save your pocket.


Reuseable Multipurpose Paper Towel

Unlike normal kitchen roll, which you use once and then throw away, these are reusable; They can be washed up to 85 times per sheet and they get softer every time you do!

Changing the way you use paper towel that


Washable up to 85 times/sheet

Hand or machine wash not over 40 degree. You can save your money eg. 1 roll (30sheets) equivalent to 2,550 sheets regular paper towel (around 40 rolls).

More absorption…

Better water & oil absorption than regular paper towel, no drip and not-mess up your kitchen. Both usable with dry or wet.

Tough & durable …

With specialized technology that makes the material strong, tough, durable, able to support more than 10 kilograms of weight.

Antibacterial …

Did you know “Bamboo is a plant that is hardly destroyed by pests or microbial pathogens. Because bamboo has a natural antibacterial unit in cells called “Bamboo Kun”. Dr.Pandy uses raw materials from 100% natural bamboo pulp.

Safe & hypoallergenic …

Free from fluorescent agent or dangerous substances. And using 100% natural bamboo with a clean and standardized process. Safe for sensitive skin.

Easy to clean, no lint

Easy to wipe off the stain. With our good absorption, so it can absorb and clean easily and it does not make flaky.

Bigger Size …

With 29×30 cm. that convenient to grip And wipe thoroughly.

Non-Fluorescence agent…

Safe with 100% free fluorescence agent. Worried free to use our paper towel.

Clean the screen, Lint Free

Clear dust or finger print on the screen without lint.

Apply with mop …

Dry mop for collecting micro particle dust and the hair superbly. Wet Type for getting rid the dust, greasy stain, water stain completely.

Dr.Pandy supports

“Use Less, Plant More”

Environmental friendly

Made from 100% natural bamboo pulp, it can be biodegradable. Friendly to you and caring for the environment at the same time.

Promote the use of less …

Our paper can be washed and used repeatedly. It helps us reduce our resource usage by 1 roll equivalent to 40 regular paper towel.

Now safe the world & save your pocket.

Plant more …

We have a joint project with many organizations to forest planting with sustainable.


Can it use with skin?

Absolutely yes, you can use it with your skin for face and body.

Can we wash it in the washing machine?

You can wash it by hand or washing machine below 40 degree, no softener, no tumble dry.

Can it be ironed or not?

No, we don’t recommend to iron on it.

How do I know that the product should be time to throw?

Depend on individual usage factors. Regulary when the paper appear the dirt or damaged that cannot be cleaned. we suggest replacing with a new one.

How many times can it wash?

Up to 85 times/sheet, however, the number of washing may be reduced according to the washing method and strength in washing. Our reccomendation is to gently rub in the wash (Will come off more easily than normal clothes, even greasy stains) and do not tumble dry or wash in hot water more than 40 degrees.

Can I use with flat mop (disposable wipe)?

Sure, you can use Dr.Pandy Reuseable Multipurpose Paper Towel with flat mob. Our paper is very tough that you can use with any cleaning solution.


Dr.Pandy Reuseable Multipurpose Paper Towel

Save your pocket & safe the world now.

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